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公司地址:徐汇区虹漕路(邮编:200233) 公司官网:http://www.jiahui.com



Jiahui International Hospital (JIH) is a foreign-majority-owned for-profit general hospital being developed in Shanghai. It was approved by China\'s Ministry of Health (\"MOH\") and Shanghai Municipal Government in April 2011 and has China\'s first international general hospital license granted by the MOH. The hospital is conveniently located within the city center of Shanghai in Xuhui District with approved tertiary care capacity of 500 licensed beds.

JIH will be an innovative model of health care centered on family, community and a stronger connection between patients and caregivers. From design to operation, JIH aims to employ the best practices to become an internationally recognized leading medical institution in China, providing high-quality, patient-centered, integrated healthcare services, as well as professional training and clinical research.

Jiahui wants to attract those people who are not just seeking employment, but who wish to help build this culture-changing, internationally-recognized health care ecosystem. Jiahui’s culture will be one of its major differentiators.

The core messages of Jiahui, which will be evident from first hiring, are:

Put the interest and wellbeing of our patients in our hearts and the center of our service design and offering.
Promote evidence-based, integrated and continuous care to our patients.
Expand advanced technologies and facilities to provide the best service and patient experience.
Treat our patients, their families and our staff with respect and empathy.
Become a trusted health care provider, delivering transparent and holistic care to our patients.